Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When Your Life Is Out Of Control...

No matter your status in life—financial, relational, professional—there is only one thing that really matters. Is your life working for you? Is what you are doing getting you what you really want? The question made famous by Dr. Phil, “How is it working for you?” is most appropriate
today. When life isn’t working, a low-grade depression sets in. The most natural thing to do is to blame something, anything for what’s not working. Or, better yet, it’s easy to blame someone for your predicament. And, when your life isn’t working, it’s out of control and when your life is out of control, you will find yourself in a swirl of anger. Circumstances and people just aren’t working the way you want them to work.

Over the years, this is when life seems to get busy for us. Emails, phones and appointments seem to multiply all around us. When people are depressed and desperate, they are willing to take a look at most anything that offers some kind of hope. Yet with all of my training and experience,
I am more and more convinced that the only possible, long-term answer is to look up. UP for me is not religion or its systems, not a list of beliefs, nor a set of propositions; it’s a person. His name is Jesus.